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Enlightenment Radio

Aug 9, 2020

This talk begins talking about the different retreats we have done around the world - Joshua Tree, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Machu Pitchu, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Bali, China, Nepal, Tibet and India and then thinking about where we would want to go next, followed by a journey within our own being and beyond the time-space...

Aug 8, 2020

This whole class involve learning how to recognize media mind control, how it affects us, and how to stop it - them - from controlling our thoughts and emotions. This is a wake up call to all those who are beginning to see what's going on. Free your mind. 

Aug 6, 2020

This is just of short share on: 1) How we are being heavily censored in the media. 2) How Steven has been targeted and what's been happening on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and other social media to keep the spread of enlightenment. 3) What we can do about it. 

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Aug 3, 2020

This talk is very personal. My friend Congressman Allard Loweinstein was assassinated for trying to expose the New World Order and why they killed President John F. Kennedy, and Robert, both of whom were good friends of Al. This is the most comprehensive overview of what happened and why. It involves some of the biggest...

Aug 2, 2020

Guided Kundalini Shakti meditation with Swamiji Steven. Including shaktipat transmissions, going through each chakra and then heavy pranayama with the Sushumna Nadi, opening intro transcendental consciousness. See for yourself. Let's get your kundalini humming and inner light shining full.