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Enlightenment Radio

Oct 24, 2017

Steven Sadleir, Sai, brings Jessi Moon and Down Burnette on as guests to discuss how powerfully we can help kids, teens and young adults with anxiety, stress, depression, learning all through mindfulness training

The NIH say 1 in 4 kids has anxiety, 1 in 3 teens is so stressed they are given meditation, and suicide is the second highest cause of death for teenagers now. It's affecting their learning, their behavior, their happiness. Fortunately everyone can learn how to teach mindfulness, and we've been doing it for decades, we have specialized programs for kids and teens (as well as medical staff and CEO's). 

Jessi Moon is a Senior instructor at the Self Awareness Institute and have been teaching kids and teens mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years. She's taught at The University of California, Irvine, and some of the best high schools in Orange and LA County.

Dawn Burnette is a best-selling author and and specialist in Alternative Medicine, who adds a wealth of information that is critical for every parent and youth to know.