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Enlightenment Radio

Dec 14, 2019

In this class Steven reads from Asclepius, where Hermes Trismegistus shares his Perfect Discourse on enlightenment. Originally known as Troth to the Egyptians, Hermes to the Greeks and Mercury to the Romans, this most praised philosopher/god provides us penetrating insight into the nature of God and man, our purpose and how to enlighten. Adored by Pathagorous and Plato alike, Hermes is one of the most influential pholosophers of all time, but is little known. So, be enlightened. Steven ties this into Gnostisism, the Kabbablah and Exodus, Christ, the Vedas and other world teachings, and then guides a meditation to the essence of the teaching. Enjoy the ride. Pass it on. 

These recordings are done live for our members and you are welcome to join anytime.