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Enlightenment Radio

Aug 25, 2019

In this talk Steven reads from his book The Calling, a Journey Within Your Own Being (on Amazon), which is a guided meditation through reading, or in this case listening. Here you are guided into the very core of your own being. Here we practice Jhana Yoga, using vedanta or introspection and direct awareness. First we become aware of the physical sound and its affect, then the processing of words, the connections forming meaning, the discriminatory faculty and then the observer of it all. We go to the place before thought, and observe thought from the outside. 

In this journey, we observe the observer, observing. Then sit back and observe that until the observer even disappears. Disappear for a few moments and become the eternal witness. Be the consciousness itself, the being itself. Even a being without a Self! If you like to go deep, this is your playground. Let's see how deep you can go.

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