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Enlightenment Radio

Apr 24, 2020

The enlightenment of man has begun. From within the chaos and confusion a light is emerging. Within the collective consciousness of humanity people are beginning to awaken en mass. The key is self reflection, observing your own nature brings about a greater understanding of your own nature. Not just your mind, but your being. The other aspect of enlightenment of transcending your mental programming, limiting beliefs and fears. Our who society is brainwashed by a ruling class that is attempting to keep the masses compliant and dumb as sheep. So it is important to realize how we are misled: By the billionaires, by the government, by the media, by the CIA and deep state. Once you see it, once you really see what is happening, they no longer have power over you. This talk is meant to empower you. This talk will likely shock you, and that's good. The enlightenment of the world has begun.