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Enlightenment Radio

May 25, 2020

In this talk we dive into the purpose of our existence. We step back from our daily routine to explore the bigger picture and reflect upon what we have learned and where we are being guided. 

A new Zoom Yoga Mastery series begins June 6 and runs for 6 weeks. If you are interested in learning more or registering click

May 23, 2020

Steven tells tales of traveling up into the Himalayas - India, Nepal and Tibet - and the remarkable gurus, babas and yogis he met and worked with along the way. We meditate and connect on a higher plan even as we visualize ourselves up high and by doing so get a natural high. 

Steven also announces a Yoga Master Class...

May 17, 2020

This whole class involves working with your subtle energy. First we develop our innate awareness of the subtle energy in our body, the life-force or spirit, and then we practice tuning into the subtle energies around us. We will build our energy body up, and expand our awareness outside ourselves and develop our sixth...

May 10, 2020

We are warned in the book of Revelation 13, of a sign at the End of Times where the Beast will require humans to have a sign on their hands or in their heads to enable trading and being tracked and controlled. Satan will make us get micro chipped. But their will also be a time when a vast part of humanity enlightens,...

May 6, 2020

The rest of this year indicates a lot of things happening: Grand conjunction, numerous retrogrades and New Age, Aquarius, itself. Whether you are into astrology or not, you will find this reading very timely. Here is your cosmic weather report for the rest of the year. I've never seen anything like it before, see for...