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Enlightenment Radio

Jul 13, 2020

What is your will or willpower? Where does it come from? What is it? How can you develop more willpower? We will be discussing this and developing greater awareness of our will, Grace and realization. 

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Jul 10, 2020

This class discusses self realization, what it is and how to attain it. We go through each of the 12 precepts of the Self Realization Course and practice a little from each step and experience the shifts in consciousness as the class progresses. 

New live class forming

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Jul 5, 2020

Today is Guru Purnama, where students honor their guru or spiritual teacher. Sai uses this opportunity to speak lovingly about this gurus, particularly Vethathiri Maharishi and Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. You hear great lessons, miracles and magic. In the West we tend to look at gurus one way that is not...

Jul 3, 2020

In this class we look at the various forms of freedom: From a reading of the Bill of Rights, looking at State Mind Control, Social-religious conditioning, but mostly what is in our own head. We practice expanding our awareness beyond our own mental and emotional conditioning, we free our minds. Come free your mind. 


Jun 27, 2020

This meditation guides you into the core of your being, enabling you to witness your consciousness becoming conscious of itself. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.