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Enlightenment Radio

Sep 8, 2019

Do we live in the End Times? Is Judgement Day upon us? Are we entering an Age of Enlightenment and about to destroy most of the Earth and create Heaven on Earth? Many Jews, Christians and Moslems believe it, and other too in some form or another. Steven draws upon his years of study on world religions for his best-seller Looking for God, A Seeker's Guide to Religious and Spiritual Paths of the World, and Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled, as well as current events to provide an in depth look at our Age and the times. 

Steven goes over 20 Prophesy's that either appear to have been fulfilled or are being fulfilled. Drawing from the Old Testament and New, and the Quaran, an amazing about of things were foreseen thousands of years in the past, were recorded, and either have come about or look like they may...any day. See for yourself. If we are entering the Age of Enlightenment, if Jesus is coming, or any calamities to come, it would be good to know about it. Bless you.

Looking for God

Christ Enlightened