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Enlightenment Radio

Jul 20, 2019

In 1990 Steven left his career to travel to India to do Yoga Tapas with the arch yogi Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. Under the Maharaj's guidance Steven began sitting for 12 hours a day for weeks, then moved his meditation to 14, 15, 18, 20 and then 23 hours a day, and maintained this sadhana for 40 consecutive days and nights. Then there was a period of about a month we Steven was just sitting quietly and could hear the thoughts of his friend, and the questions that he, Jim, had. So, he wrote the answers that came to him on the back of napkins and slide them under his door (they were still in silence). 

Upon coming back to America and resuming classes, Steven read the notes that he had written to Jim in India and the class suggested that he publish them, and this became The Awakening. Inspired writing. Dozens of essays, poems and meditations to explain, inspire and uplift. In this talk Steven reads from The Awakening and shares stories related to the insights. Come along on this journey to your own awakening. 

The Awakening by Steven Sadleir on Amazon.