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Enlightenment Radio

Mar 27, 2020

In this talk we look at the opportunity this is arising as a result of the virus, financial markets, war and mind control in the media, and see a Great Awakening is occurring all over the world. What is going on? Here we go deep down the rabbit hole and look where most are too scarred. But what is revealed is...

Mar 22, 2020

Steven reads from the great mystic poets, first, Rumi (13th c.) and Hafiz (14th), Kabir (15th), Mirabai (15th) and a few of his own. The sound quality is not as good, but the class really liked it so hopfefully you will too.


Mar 15, 2020

This meditation begins with the spinal breathing up and down the Sushsumna Nadi, opening up your Kundalini Shakti, then moves into aura expansion leading to sahaj. You are guided to do some deep breathing and then deep relaxation. Enjoy the ride. 

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Mar 14, 2020

This will make you stronger. This class is very pro-active: there are some energy exercises, a  meditation, a healing and an overview of what you can do to build up your immune system and also to "clear the fear" and stay positive and happy. 

Mar 13, 2020

In this class Steven focuses on becoming more powerful: How to create a powerful mind and focus, how to control your emotions and stress and how to make your body resistant to diseases, such as, the Coronavirus. After a quick wake up call to help prepare us for this training, you are guided through a series of...