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Enlightenment Radio

Jan 29, 2023

Tantra explains some of the more esoteric or mystical aspects of spirituality, working with kundalini and kriya energy and sometimes in a sexual context. Swamiji discusses the science and practice of tantra and answers questions regarding it practice. 

Jan 22, 2023

An overview of mindfulness training and introspection techniques to help you develop higher awareness and take conscious control over your mind. The map and compass: The map is stepping back from your mind and observing it, the compass is third eye meditation to align with the magnetic fields in your body. 

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Jan 16, 2023

This class not only explains what the kundalini shakti is and how it works, but also provides a guided meditation complete with an overview of the chakras. Based on the lineage of the Tamil Siddhas and Steven's guru Vethathiri Maharishi. 

Kundalini initiation and retreat in Hawaii this May, to learn more go to