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Enlightenment Radio

Jan 3, 2020

In this talk, Steven brings us into a deep state to reflect upon the year ahead, 2020, and envision what is possible for you. He begins this talk speaking about the sign of Capricorn, which we are presently in at the beginning of this new year, and explains the story about Capricorn in Greek Mythology, and goes on to explain the Greek version of Creation and who the God's were, and who man is. 

From here Steven guides us to modern mystery schools, such as, Madam Blavatski and the founding of the Theosophical Society, and along with Rosicruscians and Jakob Bohme who grew a spiritual movement in Europe, and picked up by Guido von List and the German Empire movement, The Thule Society and how they influenced Adolf Hitler and created an Aryan Race orientation to fascism the Nazi movement. This was further expanded by psychics like Maria Orsic and the Vril Society who said they were lead by Nordic Aliens who wanted to create an advanced race and eliminate all the others, and whose assistants who were described by Hitlers head scientist (and later the USA's after the war) Warner van Braun as "being small in stature, with frail bodies and big heads with big eyes, grey in color with a skin like a reptile" what we now call the Alien Greys.  Listen closely and understand, this movement has not ended. Humans are still being cultivated, and our awakening is our survival. 

Self Awareness Institute