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Enlightenment Radio

Jan 22, 2021

Swamiji guides a classic Kundalini Chakra attunement meditation in the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi. Just sit back and observe the subtle energies open up and flow until you are in bliss. 

Jan 15, 2021

Swamiji guides us through a journey within our own being. Becoming the witness and observer of our own thoughts, and becoming increasingly more aware of our own awareness. This is a guided meditation, just sit back and relax. 

Jan 10, 2021

Author reads from his book The Calling. During this meditation, you will be guided to look within yourself and connect with the consciousness itself within your Self. What part of our self is conscious of itself? What is the consciousness itself. What is our will or volition, and where does it come from? As we...

Jan 8, 2021

Steven reads from his book The Calling, a Journey Within Our Own Being, which is a guided meditation in itself. Here we observe the observer observing and become increasingly more aware of our own awareness.  

The Calling On Amazon 

Jan 4, 2021

This class is a series of 3rd Eye Meditations. You will receive Shaktipat transmissions and enter into higher states of consciousness with Swami Steven Sadleir. Enjoy