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Enlightenment Radio

Mar 31, 2023

This class is about how to deal with all the craziness - vaccines, weather modification, mind control and war - from a spiritual perspective. Learn how to handle to mental and emotional states and how to protect your family. This whole discussion is disturbing so you need spiritual maturity to listen, but it may be the...

Mar 19, 2023

Here Swamiji goes over various meditative and introspective practices that develop higher and greater consciousness, that you can practice and apply to your life. Enjoy.

Kundalini Initiation this May 21-27 go to


Mar 16, 2023

We are meeting in Hawaii to bring the energy up. This broadcast goes over the details about our initiation in Hawaii this May. In one of the most beautiful and powerful places on earth. Here is what to you to know. 

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Mar 12, 2023

This satsang is a journey into the nature of the self, exploring the nature of consciousness itself. The answers lie within, peace lies within, so we are going within. What if consciousness is not in your mind? We are going beyond your mind. Enjoy the ride. 

Information on the Hawaii retreat in May is at

Mar 5, 2023

This class discusses how to bring higher awareness into your daily living and finding true happiness and peace. To can teach your mind and body to be happy, here are some tools that will help. 

For information on the retreat this May or to sign up go to