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Enlightenment Radio

Apr 19, 2024

How to develop your creative field and manifest more powerfully. Exercises to develop your inner power and inner knowing. See if you can feel your energy getting stronger by listening to this. 

For this weekends seminar on Kriya go to


Kriya Initiation Zoomed LIVE Sunday, April 21st.

Apr 13, 2024

In the lineage of Lahiri Mahasai, Sai will be giving an Initiation into Kriya, including complete overview of the lineages, instruction in various Kriya pranayama and meditation and receiving darshan. Two hours on Sunday, April 21st, at 9:00 am Pacific (Noon Eastern). Donation is $100. Space is limited, to register

Apr 12, 2024

In this class we go into Darshan, and explore the many facets of yoga, lineages and various forms of yoga and teachers. Experience as you reflect. 

Self Awareness Institute


Apr 5, 2024

We open with an perspective on the state of appearances in this world, and the importance of seeing through the illusion we are beholding to transcend our own mind and senses to experience Cosmic Consciousness. An awareness beyond mind and senses as recounted in the epic The Yoga Vasistha - the origins of Advita Vedanta...