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Enlightenment Radio

Feb 27, 2022

This short prayer and meditation is to come in solidarity and compassion for particularly the people of Ukraine, but also for the Russians and all affected, as well as the Taiwanese and Chinese, Canada, America and, in fact, the whole world. Become a part of the consciousness that is visualizing would peace.

Feb 25, 2022

This talk is all about you. About who you are at many different levels, and why you were born. This discussion will help develop your faculities of higher awareness through introspection. Enjoy the ride.


Feb 20, 2022

Are you prepared for what's coming? Physically, mentally and spiritually you need to be prepared. As a spiritual warrior, you need to know what is coming and what you can do about it. This class is to prepare you for what is coming. You need to know this now. More at

About You

Feb 18, 2022

This class is all about you. About who you are and why you were born. Together we look at life from different perspectives and put our own life into a perspective that serves us best. How to create a better life. More at


Feb 14, 2022

This class begins with a short history of Valentine's Day and then dives into spiritual love poems. Swamiji reads his love poems to you as a heart meditation. Just feel the love.